Some Fine Tuning

Sunday, February 27th, 2005, 10:57 pm

Some minor cosmetic changes to the blog, the links were in too small a font, and I didn’t like the red script. Don’t know if this blue is dark enough, I may fiddle with it some more.

I watched some of the WPT Hollywood Home Game while I folded a ton of laundry this afternoon, and of course much of the play was appalling. But I don’t think I’d like to find myself at a table with Mena Suvari. She seems to know the rules of the game (giving her a huge advantage on these celebrity shows) and even how to play rather well. And she has a pretty good poker face…actually, she has a pretty poker face. Is it me, or does she seem younger now than she did when she was in American Beauty? A movie I thought was good at the time but, the more I thought about it, the less I liked.

But I’m not about to get into a dissertation on film, not even with the Oscars on tonight. I rarely go to the movies, I’m not sure why. I haven’t seen any of the films nominated for Best Picture, so I can hardly offer an opinion on what should win or why. I also have no interest in watching the Oscar show itself, even to see if Chris Rock drops a stray F-bomb and gets Disney on the hook for a multimillion-dollar FCC fine.

I feel the need for an off-topic uberpost (wait, has Iggy copywrited the phrase “uberpost”? I need to contact my attorney) but I don’t know yet what I should blather about. Oh, I read Chris Moneymaker’s book this weekend (got my car inspected, found a comfy chair at Borders) and I’ll be writing a review of it tonight or, more likely, tomorrow. A short read, some interesting stuff.

I wish I had some interesting stuff to give you tonight, but alas, I do not. Still can’t shake this cold, really looking forward to the 3-6 inches we’ll be getting tomorrow for our morning commute.

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    The links are much nicer, the color is good. Many thanks for linking me, I appreciate it!

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