My Worst Beat Ever

Monday, February 21st, 2005, 6:01 pm

I try not to tell bad-beat stories, but I just endured my worst beat ever and, what the hell, this is my goddam blog and I’m gonna vent. I’m playing a 2-table SNG at Stars, with the usual gaggle of nincompoops. The guy to my left loses 2/3 of his stack calling an all-in bet with Q-10, so when he goes all in next hand and I have AQ I call. He has AK and this time I go down. Then I double up by check-raising my set of fives against a guy with top pair. So I’m at about par when this happens:

I’m dealt the Ace of Clubs and the Queen of Hearts. Two limpers throw in $50 and another guy raises it to $100, and I decide to crank it up to $350 and hopefully just take it there. But of course I’m pretty much committed to play all my chips. The raiser puts me all in and I call. He turns over the Ace-Five of spades. OK, have him dominated, I just don’t want to see any spades on the flop.

No spades on the flop–in fact, all three cards are clubs, and I have the aces of clubs. On top of that, one of the cards is a Queen. So this guy has no flush draw, no straight draw, and I have top pair and the nut flush draw. In fact, there are only two cards in the deck that can save him–the five of diamonds and the five of hearts. And he needs them back to back.

Do I need to tell you what happened?

99-1 shots have to come in once every 100 times. Otherwise the Universe implodes. But why do I have to be the guy who gets kicked in the stones?


OK, now read the post below.

UPDATE: Played, uh, five SNGs today? Cashed in none. I think I made the final table once. This wouldn’t bother me so much if the players at some of my tables hadn’t been just…ludicrous. OK, the beat I described above, that happens. I saw a guy call call an all-in for 1/2 his chips (and he was chip leader) with 5-9. And make a full house. When I pushed in against him of course he had aces. I think I had four decent hands in those five SNGs, and I lost with all of them but one.

I’ve heard a phrase used in poker, it’s called being “on a rush”. What exactly is that like? Because I haven’t had 2 decent days in a row in two months.

I say this and I win 3 hands in a row playing, alas, a rage-prevention $.25/.50 table. I need to start drinking heavily or something.

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