Frustrating Night

Wednesday, February 16th, 2005, 12:42 am

Though I shouldn’t be frustrated, I am, a wee bit. I finished my 2nd article–that’s good. I felt free to relax and play a little 2-table SNG. I play much better in the multis, I think because I know I have to be patient and there’s no need to make any ridiculous moves. I doubled up with AK against KQ and got to the final table at about the median. We played down to 5 (4 cashed) with one guy holding 1/2 the chips and 2 players in bad shape.

And the chip leader played God-awful. He did a lot of raising pre-flop, that’s fine, but if he got called he went timid. Literally a half-dozen times he made the minimum bet into the pot after the flop, get raised all-in by a shortstack, and he’d muck. He basically transferred $4000 in chips to the short guys without them every having to show down a hand. Unfortunately I did not benefit from his largesse–I think I put money into the pot one time after we got down to 4 players, and I doubled up on him when my sixes held up against QJ. I couldn’t get a hand, and on the 2 occasions I raised to take the blinds I got put all-in. I still had $3000 left, enough to make me a force if I doubled up, but I finally took a stand with KQ and the chip leader turned over acs. Great, out in 3rd place, and if that joke had played with any sort of brains we would’ve been heads up long ago and in that situation I liked my chances.

But the multis are helping to stabilize my bankroll. When I know that I’m gonna have to put in a good 90 minutes to cash I play a much more solid game. I almost went mental and pushed all-in with TPTK against what turned out to be a flopped straight, but I gathered my wits and let some other guy go busto.

And, uhh…that’s all for today, folks.

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