Goddam Hilton Sisters

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005, 10:52 pm

Actually, I categorically refuse to call pocket Queens the “Hilton Sisters”. All respect to Pauly, I can’t stand them, can’t stand that they’re famous, that they’re clogging up the media, that otherwise attractive young women are trying to model their look on them. And I’m not calling them the “Olsen Twins” either. Blech. They’re pocket queens, and thanks to them I busted out 117 out of 151 in the goddam WPBT tournament.

Well, I may have played a small part in that. Note to self–when a king appears on the flop, and your opponent bets with AK, check-raising is a poor tactic. Oy, am I a moron.

My brother’s still hanging on, think I’ll sweat him a bit. And drink a beer. And bang my head on the desk.

UPDATE: Grubette knocked out my bro (Payroll Jones) when she hit an 8 on the river and had her A8 best my brothers pocket ducks. He was left with all of $3, and obviously tilting like mad went all in the next hand.

My brother crippled the Poker Prof early on when his pocket 7s turned to trips on the flop and cracked aces. But the Prof rallied from a low of $300 to build up a nice stack, in part to me bluffing on the river with AJ and getting called down by AQ. He’s still hanging on, but just barely. You gotta put a stake in that guy, people.

UPDATE UPDATE: Hey, dumb question. I didn’t see anyone’s personal pictures at the table, just the blank gold circles, but after the tables consolidated I did see the avatars. So, was it me, or did no one see them? Just asking.

Crap, I’m ticked I went out so fast. It isn’t that I missed out on a big payday (1st prize $906) but I was having a blast. It’s different playing in a big tournament, especially against people who have a clue and a half. I got my stack up to around $1800 real early, and then bled a lot of it away making plays at pots post-flop and getting them taken away from me. I was too aggressive without having enough moxie to re-raise or come over the top in a truly hostiel fashion. And then I had my pocket queens meltdown. Geno, you got SO much to work on.

UPDATED UPDATE UPDATE: Pauly is friggin’ sick. How sick? Check out the hand history in the comments section of Iggy’s blog. The ultimate Hammering.

Actually, the only Hammer beat worse than that…would be if two bloggers went heads up, both showed the Hammer, and one player hit his flush. To have the Hammer, and LOSE to the Hammer…would that be the ultimate disgrace?

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  1. Dr. Pauly Says:

    I used of all my Hammer mojo… for the rest of my life. I might have to retire the Hammer now.

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