I’m Done

Saturday, January 29th, 2005, 2:37 am

Just can’t take it anymore. Played over 1000 hands and I think I had a good hand twice. I’m not even vaguely enjoying myself. I’m sitting there throwing hand after hand after hand away, watching awful players take money from terrible players, and when I finally get a hand I get massacred. After losing $60 to clear my $40 Party bonus, I give up trying to beat the ring games and play a tournament. On the bubble and low on chips, I go all in and the guy flops a full house with 5-3. OK, fine. Totally tilting I play some pot-limit, flop 2 pair with A-9, have a guy raise me all-in with A-J, I call, and the board pairs kings to clean me out.

I literally haven’t had a winning day in a dozen sessions. I’m playing like crap, I’m getting crap cards, I’m playing with people who play like crap…why do I even bother? I know I’m not a good ring player, but I shouldn’t lose EVERY time I play. I’m not a great SNG player, but I should cash more often than 1 in 4. I’m so deep in a rut I can’t even see the sun anymore.

Time to cash out, move my money to Stars for the WPBT tourney and see if a change in venue and a hiatus helps me out. Sorry to rant like this, I try to avoid crying in my beer (hmm…think I’ll have a beer right now) but this is ludicrous. You’d think once in awhile I’d flop trips or hit a draw, but no. Literally, that hasn’t happened in 2 weeks. I’m cursed. There’s voodoo afoot.

So if you don’t see any posts here the next few days, this is why. I need a break. I need a priest. I think I’ll take the time I’ve wasted playing poker and do some writing instead. Or maybe just drink. I’m so tilted I should start walking on my hands.

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3 Responses to “I’m Done”

  1. Jason Says:

    I feel ya dude. I’m sitting right now and I’m down 16BB with a Voluntary into the Pot percentage of 17. Whiffs, missed draws and crap cards will slowly but surely murder you. And when you try to play your table image in the low limits, you may as well be putting the moves on a sheep dog.

    Sometimes when I get rutted, I’ll do something stupid, like sit at a 7 stud table or play way above my BR just to get focused back on the performance-oriented grind. I find getting my ass kicked in new and interesting ways makes me want to go back to something I know I have a shot at.

  2. Human Head Says:

    Bad juju on Party, my friend. Get yourself over to the friendlier pastures that make up the Stars universe, and get an amulet of some sort before heading back to Party.
    GAWDdamn that site is brutal. See you at the tourney!

  3. MtDewVirus Says:

    It’ll all turn. I was getting horrible beats and playing horrible for 2 months and this weekend it all turned around and I made back everything I had lost and then some. The bankroll is now at an all-time high. All it took was fixing a few holes in the game. Keep at it.


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