Worst Show in the History of Humankind

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005, 10:23 pm

Is anyone else watching the “Battle of the Sexes” on GSN? This show is so bad its a war crime. Convene the International Court at The Hague. This Tom Whatever and Kennedy are parroting every cliche about men and women back to each other. I can’t even put it on mute and not be sick. I want to kill them both, I want to do it with my bare hands, I want to look in their eyes as I send them into the eternal night.

This makes “Celebrity Poker” look like “King Lear”. Did Robert Williamson III get caught canoodling with al-Qaeda and end up sentenced to provide color for this show? Every time he speaks he sounds mortified. And what the hell happened to Chris Moneymaker? He looks like he hasn’t slept since he won the World Series. He looks AWFUL.

This show has to be stopped. Who do I write to? Who do I bribe? Who needs to be liquidated?

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4 Responses to “Worst Show in the History of Humankind”

  1. Joe Says:

    When you find out how to stop this show, let me know how I can help.

    I can’t decide whether it’s a good or bad thing that everyone seems to be so disinterested in the game that collusion probably isn’t a concern. I mean, really, “team poker”? What’s next, one-on-one football?

  2. GW Says:

    Gene, it’s funny you mentioned Moneymaker’s haggard looks. A few of my buddies were in Las Vegas last Fall during the taping of this tournament (at least I think it was during the taping.) They met him at the Carribean Stud tables in the Aladdin, where he was apparently staying.

    They said he looked like he was pretty hungover most of the time, and he commented that he was in town for some events at the Orleans, but he wasn’t too ‘into it,’ whatever that means.

    He must have preferred playing $500-600 per hand at the Carribean Stud instead of ‘team poker.’

  3. Felicia :) Says:

    Yeah, MM was at the WPPA “poker royale” last fall. He did look haggard. I think GSN bought him in 50%, which was a very unethical business practice, which is probably the only reason he agreed to do it.

    They didn’t tape the “battle of the sexes” last fall at the Orleans, that was the “poker royale,” the one that James VanAlstyne won.

    I could sit here and go on and on over the unethical business practices of GSN, but everyone pretty much knows what they are up to by now, plus we’re about to leave for Commerce.

    They tried to seed the WPPA, too, but Asmo refused to allow it.

  4. on_thg Says:

    You’re not kidding. I was flipping back and forth between this and Celebrity Poker Showdown (itself usually pretty unbearable) and CPS was better.

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