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Thursday, January 13th, 2005, 2:09 am

Well, I said I wanted a new look for the blog, and here it is. I’ll be doing some tweaking over the next day or so, and of course adding to my blogroll and all that sorta stuff. I love this look, I wanted a 3 column blog, I like the smaller fonts, the black type on white background, a little Pittsburghese black-and-sortofgold motif.

Mucho thanks to fellow Pittsburgher Brian Kopec, who was gracious enough to let me commit felony template theft. Brian is that rarest of birds, a blogger with a site devoted to the Pittsburgh Pirates. You wanna talk about bad beats? Try rooting for the Buccos the last 12 years.

I must also thank Ryan over at PokErrata, who read about my quest and whipped up a template for me in about 17 seconds. It is amazing, the broad range of talents and abilities people out in the blogosphere possess, and how generous they are with their time. Thanks, gentlemen. Now I just have to fill these virtual pages.

UPDATE: I’m in the middle of adding links and changing things here and there. If you check my blogroll and you ain’t there, let me know. I’m sure I forgot a bunch of people, I try to keep track of everyone who I read and who reads me and who comments and all that jazz.

Man, I love the way this looks, I’m well pleased. I’m gonna try to get a picture posted pretty soon (of myself, unfortunately, and not Isabelle Mercier). And now, back to the tweaking.

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13 Responses to “Whaddya Think?”

  1. Maudie Says:

    I need to get you a new WPBT logo that looks better. I’m going to redo it this weekend – check for an up date along about sunday.

  2. Maudie Says:

    Love the new look, btw

  3. Human Head Says:

    Clean and simple. Very nice look.

  4. Drizztdj Says:

    Very neat!

  5. 4Flush Says:

    Very stylish clean look.

  6. April Says:

    I like it a lot!

  7. Chad Says:

    I like it, but one thing stood out to my eyes as odd. Across the top bar, where it says “Mean Gene’s Poker Blog”, it seems that the spacing between letters is too wide. My brain reads it as “Meeeaaaan Geeeenne’s Pooookerrr Blaaaahg”.

    Not a huge deal, and maybe I’m the only person it bothers. heh

  8. Gene Says:

    How’s that? Let no one say I don’t listen to my readers!

  9. Chad Says:

    Perfect! Brain read good now.

  10. SirFWALGMan Says:

    Nice look! Except for the fact that it looks Pittsburgy and sorta reminds me of the steelers or penguins it is aewsome! Here’s to hoping we mean (again) in the AFC Championship!

  11. Scotty Nickels Says:

    hey gene..long time reader, i post here and there..just wanted to say that i’m glad your feeling okay and i hope my jets kick pittsburghs ass! no hard feelings.. later

  12. Sean Says:

    Yeah you got the wrong Pennsylvania football team’s logo on your site. Otherwise, it really looks great 🙂

  13. Uwannabet? Says:

    I like the new look. I have been reading for quite a while now. Back when you were just a draft prospect for Greenland’s team. Nonetheless I just realized that all this time I did not have you link posted to your site. This error in my ways has been fixed!

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