Don’t Panic

Thursday, January 6th, 2005, 11:50 am

I’m sick of this template so I’m testing a few of the other ones Blogger offers to see if I like any of them any better. Brainiac that I am I forgot to copy and save my previous template, so when I started dicking around with the other ones I lost all my links and my sitemeter stuff, so I gotta re-do all that once I decide what design I’m gonna go with.

I’d like my blog to have a somewhat-unique look, but as I have no HTML skills nor really any skill in design nor much noticable taste I’m handicapped. Maybe I’ll just surf the web and steal something…that might be a plan.

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7 Responses to “Don’t Panic”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    “Maybe I’ll just surf the web and steal something…that might be a plan”

    Sounds like you already know all you need to know to be a web developer… trust me, I do this for a living, and that is EASILY the most important skill!

  2. BG Says:

    In my sidebar of links on the right hand side of my site you’ll see something to the effect of “Design by Maystar” or something… There are innumerable free blog templates there – that’s where I got mine. Most are pretty girly or appeal to those guys who tYpE lIKe ThIS, but there’s some stuff that’s good there to be sure…

  3. BG Says:

    I forgot to mention… the best solution for getting your link list for poker blogs is to copy the code from Pauly or Iggy’s site verbatim and claim it as your own. I know they both appreciate when people do that…

  4. StudioGlyphic Says:

    Just change the word “Poker” in Iggy’s roll to “Party Poker” and you’ll be cool. He won’t notice a thing.

  5. Ignatious Says:

    sarcastic bastards.

  6. Felicia :) Says:

    I still like this dark blue one the best. Easy on my po’ eyes.

  7. PokerProf Says:

    Grab that template it looks good 🙂

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