Begin Afresh, Afresh, Afresh

Sunday, December 12th, 2004, 3:12 pm

Never doubt the power of the Blogfather. I get a shout-out from Iggy and my blog traffic triples. Thanks to that friend of all creatures great and small, and to all those who’ve read my ravings the past year. I’ll do my best to keep up my end of the bargain and crank out stuff worthy of your time.

I also hope that a few new readers come my way thanks to a new site called, appropriately enough, Pittsburgh Webloggers. There was a big article about the site in the Sunday Post-Gazette, and of course my Mom mentioned it to me when I gave the folks a call this morning. I’ve submitted my link, and if yinz have found my blog from that site I bid you welcome. While this site is labeled a poker blog you will find all sorts of nonsense here, with, of course, a few posts about the battles on the green felt. I just celebrated my first year blogging (see previous post) and I plan on writing even more in the coming year, on all sorts of subjects. Stay tuned.

Right now a large posse of pokerbloggers are in Vegas having the sort of time you tell your grandchildren about. Lucky bastards. I don’t even want to think about the level of bad behavior going on right now, especially because I’m not a part of it. Maybe next time. Congrats to Felicia on winning the blogger tournament, defeating pro Max Pescatori at the end. Felicia has written many nice things about Max in the past, and perhaps all this time she was buttering him up in the hopes of striking at an opportune time. I’m looking forward to reading all the reports of what sounds like an epic blowout, and especially what it was like meeting so many esteemed professional players. Sigh. Lucky, lucky bastards.

Me, I’m just sitting here, writing this nonsense, waiting for the Steeler-Jets game to begin. A huge game, with a Steeler victory going a long way to securing a first-round by for the Black and Gold. And it’s fantastic football weather, especially for a 4PM game–overcasts, snow flurries, cold enough that you need to bundle up a bit but won’t be risking any extremities. I went to the Steelers-Browns playoff game a couple years ago and the weather was perfect–lots of snow, and cold enough that you had to scream your head off to stay warm. Went to the Patriots game this year, where the Steelers annihilated the defending champs, and while it was only a bit chilly it didn’t detract from the fans’ bloodlust. I think that was the loudest stadium I’ve ever been in. The only competition would be Beaver Stadium, I think 1991, when Penn State beat Pitt in a fabulous game. Tony Sacca ran for a long TD to give the Lions the lead and there were 86,000 people going totally apeshit. I remember that the stands looked like one vast mosh pit, tens of thousands of people jumping up and down to the rhythm of some thundrous backbeat. Ah, nothing better than being part of a vast, enraged mob, united by a common hatred.

OK, that’s enough for now. Time to read a few blogs, get ready for the game. Got a few posts upcoming. I take the folks at Card Player to task, deconstruct the one scene in Rounders that ruins the movie, and give a simple but comprehensive rule that predicts whether your company is a good place to work. Stay posted.

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2 Responses to “Begin Afresh, Afresh, Afresh”

  1. Felicia :) Says:

    Tyvm, Gene. It was a wonderful turnout.

  2. SirFWALGMan Says:

    Steeler’s have already clinched have they not? They are a good team (finally) this year. It is going to be another Pats/Steelers match, and if it is in Pittsberg I am 50/50 about the outcome. In the past I always KNEW the Steelers were going to choke and lose to the Pat’s. Just knew it. This year I am not as sure.. It will be a fun game anyway. If it happens we need some side bet action going on!

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