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Monday, August 23rd, 2004, 12:38 pm

If you read the previous post you know that the Monty Memorial Tournament never came off thanks to a customer service glitch at Pacific Poker. Reading Iggy today I learned that Pacific is giving every registered player $25 and will put an additional $500 into the prize pool. About as good an apology and make-up as one could hope for, so hopefully we’ll all get to yell and scream at each other very soon.

Instead of playing poker last night I watched the Fox Poker Superstars show, where Howard Lederer won after being extremely shortstacked. Gus Hansen must’ve had to go to the bathroom or something, he and Howard were all-in against each other like 5 hands in a row, with Lederer winning them all. I have no idea what the format of this event is, they play six rounds…and the winning of the first round gets more chips than the other players…I think that’s how it works…or maybe it doesn’t…

The buy-in was $400K. Ouch, babe. Then again, that’s probably the small blind in the games Chip Reese plays in.

Johnny Chan wore a shirt that should be brought up before the War Crimes Tribunal at The Hague. I can’t describe it, because this blog doesn’t carry an NC-17 rating.

Watched a bit of the Olympics…which I find I don’t care about too much. I used to watch the Games religiously when I was a kid, but I guess they’ve become so commercialized and overhyped I can’t enjoy them at all. I did watch Pittsburgher Lauryn Williams win the silver in the 100m dash, which was exciting. The cameras they have that follow the athletes down the track show how extraordinary these folks are. It isn’t just that they’re running fast–every muscle of their bodies seems to be straining at the maximum.

The controversy surrounding Paul Hamm’s gold medal illustrates just why so much of the Olympics sucks. Once again we have incompetent judges who can’t even be bothered to figure out how they’re supposed to do their jobs. The South Korean gymnast got royally screwed and should be awarded the gold medal, end of story. Just because his coaches didn’t dispute it on time, that’s all bureaucratic horseshit. It isn’t like the judges gave him a controversially low score–they made their mistake before he even started his routine. Not his fault at all, and he shouldn’t have to suffer for it.

Can you imagine the uproar if the roles were reversed, if Hamm had been the one who got shafted? Al Trautwig would be screaming for nooses to be tossed over the uneven bars for a lynching, every US newspaper would have headlines shrieking for justice. The South Korean will, I believe, be quietly awarded a gold medal somewhere down the line, putting an asterix firmly beside his and Hamm’s name. Sorry, Paul, no matter what you do now, you’ll never have sole title to that medal. Gonna have to deal with it with as much grace as possible.

I saw about seven seconds of the badminton coverage, about 4 hours of the beach volleyball. Wish the ratios had been reversed. Now, I play beach volleyball in a league, and I like looking at women in extremely tiny bikinis as much as any other heterosexual male, but 2-man (or woman) beach volleyball is deathly dull. Bump, set…dink. Bump, set…kill. Bump, set…partial block. Bump, set…dink. If they didn’t have rally scoring in beach volleyball the games would last longer than the opening ceremonies.

OK, that’s enough for now. I may update this later as I think of new things to complain about.

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7 Responses to “Some Random Thoughts”

  1. oy Says:

    Remember when the Stillers got waxed in OT when the officials got the coin toss wrong? Or how about the Titan’s bogus “roughing the kicker” penalty that ended our season? We lost. Thems the breaks kid. Gots to live with it. You can’t rewind a tape after the game is over and cry fowl. It’s over. Yes, the refs make mistakes. Whatever. Cry to your mamma. Hamm gets and keeps gold. All the rest is Maan-jaa. See you in 08.

  2. Stan's Ace Nuts Says:

    Hey Gene,
    I’ve just started my own little blog on Hold’em, and am hoping to exchange links with such fine people as yourself. I’m new to the game, started playing just a couple months ago, but I seem to do ok with it. There’s a weekly game here of mostly Vanderbilt grad students, of whom I’m proud to be associated with, and even prouder to be collecting money from. It’s like having them working for me. Anyway, please let me know if you want to exchange links.

    My first blog was fairly popular. Even if I end up being an average hold’em player, I’m sure my blog on it will be a success.

  3. Stan's Ace Nuts Says:

    that blog of mine is:

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I disagree with your conclusions regarding Mr. Hamm’s gold. I think he is the one getting screwed and the one that will ultimately get shafted. Yes, the judges did screw up on the start score for the South Korean–should’ve been a 10 they started with 9.9. What nobody is talking about though is the fact that the judges screwed up during his routine as well. On the parallel bars, each athlete is allowed 3 stops or holds. If you watch the tape, the South Korean has four distinct stop holds. This is supposed to be an automatic .2 deduction. The judges who failed to count to 10 also failed to count to 4. This would result in a net decrease of .1 to the South Koreans score. I will be pissed if Paul Hamm has to give up his medal. Yes, judges make mistakes, and yes the failure to start with a 10 was a mistake, but so was the failure to recognize the 4 stops. Paul Hamm deserves the gold. You can’t just pick certain judging errors to protest. If the South Koreans are filing an objective protest, they should also file a protest to make sure the Olympic committee deducts another .2 for his four stops.

  5. John-Paul Says:

    I agree with you in regards to the medal controversy. All things being equal, if the judges DID NOT make the error, the Korean would have gotten the gold. I think the right course of action here would be to aware TWO golds, similar to the Canadian vs. Russian ice-skating controversy in 2002.
    Imagine training for years and years. You do your best and get a bronze. Then, you realize that because of a judge’s error (and through no fault of your own) there was a mistake which, if corrected, SHOULD HAVE earned you the gold. That’s brutal. Give him the gold. Let Hamm keep his.

  6. Blu Says:


    I’m also having a hard time figuring out the structure of the PSI tourny – I guess I should stop being lazy and find it online but it has not been presented on TV very well. Its like Fox is rushing through the important stuff just to fit more commercials and split what should be an hour show into 2 parts.

    On a side note, I have created a link to your blog from mine. If this is a problem, please let me know.
    My blog is

    Thanks for the great posts!


  7. Anonymous Says:

    I say that when the South Koreans give Roy Jones Jr his boxing gold, then they can start b****ing about the men’s all around. Until then, it’s all just self-centered whining. Besides, rules are rules. If the rules are dumb, then change the rules for the future. Don’t whine and say that the rules should be changed retroactively. (kinda like the 2000 presidential election, but that’s way off topic)

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