The Worst Hand I’ve Ever Played

Sunday, August 22nd, 2004, 1:30 am

Preparing one last time for tomorrow’s Monty Memorial, I decided to play another massive two buck SNG at Pacific. I’m only getting used to the graphics and interface, as I expect the quality of play tomorrow night (actually, it’s just plain old tonight, now) to be above the submoronic level you find in your typical low-limit tournaments.

Not that I’ll be adding much to the overall quality tonight. I made a few nice moves early on to gather some chips, had a few nice hands that got my stack up a bit. Then I folded 3-6 suited, which is usually a snarmt move, except when that hand would have developed into a straight flush, as it did this time. Also folded A-2 when I would have made a full house. Ah well, no use in thinking that way.

I made the final table, whoopee. I couldn’t make a hand, and pretty soon I was under $800, which is bad news. Then things got a bit weird. The chip leader and the guys in 2nd & 3rd place all went all-in, with the chip leader winning the hand. So suddenly you had one big dog and a bunch of chihuahuas running around. Just get to the final five, moron, and make back your $2 investment.

So of course I bust out on the bubble. That’s no big deal, it just how I did it that infuriates. Under the gun I was dealt A-8, and I should have moved everything in and taken my chances. Instead, while I was thinking, the stupid site autofolded my hand WAY before it should have. No one else bet, and the big blind gobbled up the tiny pot. Infuriating. So I had to pay the big blind, leaving me with just about $450 I was dealt 2-4, but suited, mind you.

I got nothing on the flop, and like a genius I went all-in. Which only meant putting $450 into a pot with about $500 in there. Perhaps I didn’t have much choice, but I could hardly have been in a worse position with a random hand in the little blind. I pushed in my chips and was hardly surprised when I got a caller. I was a bit surprised when he turned over KK, but it didn’t really matter, since I assumed he could beat 4-high.

Oy vey. Playing with people of somewhat limited skill, and getting skinned, makes me wonder if I’ve made any progress at all the last 10 months. Perhaps tomorrow (tonight) will be a better litmus test. At any rate, I don’t think I can be considered a favorite any longer. Not even in my own mind.

Otis complimented me by comparing me to Dan Harrington, who won the WSOP title in 1995, came in 3rd in 2003 and 4th this year. Like Harrington, I’ve placed consistently in the big tournaments I’ve entered. I play a fairly tight game, much like “Action” Dan. And, uh, we’re both Irish. Beyond that the similarities end. And beyond the Irish part, I don’t think the other similarities hold water.

But we’ll see what happens tomorrow. Tonight. I think I need to get some sleep, lots to do tomorrow before I take my seat.

Boy, hope I win…

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