Satellite Insanity

Monday, June 28th, 2004, 12:33 am

Played another $10 satellite for Party’s big tourney. Finished 22nd out of 288 last night, finished 142 out of 299 tonight. Two hands were key. I had A-8 and called a small bet. A short-stack went all in, two guys called him, and I decided to fold. Flop comes A-8-8. Ouch babe.

Next hand I have AsQs and the flop comes 8-9-2 with two spades. Guy goes all in for $600. One caller. Two callers. Two thousand in the pot already. I have about a thousand left, and there’s only one other guy with chips who can call me. I get a spade and I win. I have nine outs, about a 32% chance. Normally I’d fold, because I’m tight, but do I really want to be up till 3AM again? Well, yes, but I want to play this time with some chips. Last night I was on the cusp all night and it wore me down. This is a chance to gobble a huge pot and play from strength. I call.

I call and I lose. No spades. Guy wins the pot with the trip nines he flopped. One guy who called had 9-10. Another had A-8. As a well-regarded poker savant would say, “Oh the humanity”.

We started with 299 players. Before the blinds got to 15-30, over 100 players had been knocked out. A hundred players! Incroyable! I understand that the buy-in as low, and that you may want to gobble up chips so you can make some moves later one. But 100 players getting knocked out before the blinds get above $45 for a round is nuts. I will definitely be playing in more of these things, because eventually I’m going to get some cards and some chips, and show these nuts how I got the name “Mean” Gene.

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