A Sign of the Apocalypse?

Wednesday, May 26th, 2004, 2:10 pm

I just added SiteTracker to my site (no, to my coffee) and found something both interesting and profoundly disturbing. The tracker will tell you the pages folks clicked from to get to your site, and while I found people checking my site out after visiting my poker brethren, I’ve also gotten a few hits from Google. Here’s the scary part–people are getting pointed to my site when they Google “no limit tournament strategy”.

This is, I must say, false advertising. Even though I’m not the person doing the shilling. If you really want to learn about no-limit strategy I think you could do better than yours truly, Grublog victory or no. The reason searchers get pushed my way is because I had a post about reading Phil Hellmuth’s book and found it very interesting that his book had no info about no limit tournament strategy. So at least inquisitive folks will know not to waste their money buying Play Poker Like the Pros.

But still, I’m not the guy to go to for help on your no-limit game. That’s like Googling, “Finest English-Speaking Actress” and coming up with the Olson twins. Actually, that inquiry comes back with a hit for Vanessa Redgrave, not my fave Helen Mirren. So let’s just say that Google is full of shit and move on with our lives.

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2 Responses to “A Sign of the Apocalypse?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s definitely strange to see some of the search results that lead people to your site. I’ve got a lot of hits on WSOP coverage 2004 in the past month, and I’m somehow on the first page of results for “hellboy synopsis” and “biggest rollercoaster” at Google. I don’t think those people found what they were looking for. At least the people looking for WSOP coverage might have found a useful link off the post.

    tp. (http://www.provick.ca)

  2. BG Says:


    This quality search page yields not only a link to my site (not that I talked about the fantasy of my wife with other men, it was an ugly, non-personally-erotic reality instead), but a nearby link to sex doctor’s page where a wife first asks if it’s OK to be taken by her rottweiler, but then apologizes for not heeding the doctor’s advice about anal sex with said rottweiler.

    People are really, really weird.

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