Walking on air

Monday, February 23rd, 2004, 12:13 am

I won the Grublog.

I can’t believe it. I am walking on air. I played really, really well I thought, and was glad to get into the money. But once I got there I wanted to win. I really wanted that chip set, really really really. I wanted the cash. But most of all I wanted to know that I’m actually a pretty decent player, and winning the intital WPBT event shows that I’m not a fish after all. Had to beat some good players and then survive a partisan crowd rooting for The Fat Guy. But all is forgiven and forgotten.

Hey, from now on will pocket 10’s be called “The Mean Gene”?

Woke the wife up to tell her, called my brother, who watched the whole thing. Scared my cats with my jumping about. I’m walking on air. Thanks to Grubby for putting this fine tournament together, thanks to everyone who played. I’m not someone who easily feels personal pride, but I do tonight. I won’t go to sleep till 3AM.

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