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Sunday, February 22nd, 2004, 9:23 pm

The Grublog Poker Classic is one hour away, and I’m ready. Cleaned up my den so I have a pleasing atmosphere, ate some chicken for protein, hydrated properly, stretched out my hamstrings. I’m ready.

I know I promised I wouldn’t play anymore until I finished my Hellmuth post, but, uh, I played. I wrote some too, promise! I just can’t get the damn thing done to my satisfaction. I also wrote a Rounders review but I’m not going to post that until it until I get the Phil done. I’ve been reading Play Poker Like the Pros and I’ve decided to shitcan just about everything in it. Odd that Phil made his rep playing no-limit tournaments, yet has nothing about no-limit tournament strategy in his book, isn’t it?

So I played last night and got up huge. Then I was dealt AQ and had the flop come A-Q-4, with two diamonds. I made a big bet and had this know-it-all who kept critiquing everyone’s play call my $6 bet. A king on the turn, and I did my Hellmuthian-mind-meld thing and KNEW he had AK. That didn’t stop me from betting it to the river and dropping $12. When we turned over our cards and everyone saw that he hit on the turn to save his bacon he wrote, “I had the flush draw, so even after the flop I had the best hand”. Which was incorrect–I was a 54% favorite.

I did have a great line for him. He was lecturing someone on a bad call and when the argument got a bit nasty he wrote, “How much have you read about poker”. Before the other guy could comment I said, “I don’t read about poker, I WRITE about poker”. No comeback, though.

Wonder if it was Phil…

If you played on Party/Empire last night you know how the night ended, with the site crashing completely. I signed up for the Vegas Dreams multi to get some Grublog practice, but I was playing some PL beforehand and, up $15, I was dealt 7h-10h in the big blind. The flop comes 10-10-J. I made a small bet and get 3 callers. An 8 on the turn troubled me, since it threatened a straight, so I made a big bet. Everyone folded except for the guy to my right, who thought about it, thought about it, thought about it….his time ran out. And nothing happened. The site totally froze. The hand ended up getting tossed, which really sucked. I was almost certainly way in the lead and could’ve picked up a nice pot.

OK, enough talk. Let’s play some cards!

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