I’m number 4!

Friday, February 6th, 2004, 9:52 pm

Iggy, always pimping we pokerbloggers, sent a query to Poker Top10, a site that has all sorts of Top 10 lists about poker (but you guessed that, didn’t you?) and asked them to put up a list of the top poker blogs. And yours truly placed number 4! I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t FURIOUS to not be ranked numero uno, but I was quite tickled to be selected.

The honor is a bit tainted, however, by the fact that Iggy’s blog wasn’t picked AT ALL. I can only imagine that they excluded his site because he’s the one who recommended the list in the first place. Picking the Top 10 poker blogs and excluding Iggy is like picking the Top 10 Mafia movies of all time and excluding The Godfather.

I’m totally exhausted tonight, yesterday was a long night, went out to a work function, a few beers, a few wings, and then off for 2 hours of volleyball. Afterwards a few more wings, a few more beers. Got about 5 hours of sleep and then a rough day at work. I might not play tonight, as I didn’t play yesterday. But we’ll see. Do a little cleaning, do some dishes, see how I feel.

My Presidential campaign got a huge boost last night, and I wrote a long post about it only for Blogger to seize up and crash. Lost the whole thing. Might get around to re-writing it tonight, we’ll see.

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