The thrill of victory, the agony of getting sucked out by some nimrod

Saturday, January 24th, 2004, 2:04 am

From my last abbreviated post you know that I won my last SNG, and tonight I logged on and had my brother watching me play from his place. He just signed up at Empire, but of course the site wouldn’t let him register so he couldn’t play and hand over his chips. I’ve been playing some decent no-limit lately, but I have to admit that I’ve been getting some luck to compliment my mad skillz. So I decided to play another SNG and show the bro how the big boys do it.

I felt a little like I was performing, knowing that my every move would be dissected. And, I have to say, I played pretty damn good, and took the title without much fuss. I had a nervy hand early on, I held pocket sevens and the board paired 4s and deuces. I had an overpair and he didn’t bet out like he had trips, so I called him until I only had $200 in chips left. But my 7s held up, and from there I won a few pots and got my stack up over $2K. I’ve noticed that, as crazy as the ring games get on the weekends, the no-limit games seem tight. Not a lot of raising, not a lot of insane all-ins–except from yours truly. Well, I wasn’t insane, but I did do a lot of stack-shoving. I pretty much bossed the table, hit a few nice hands, and ended up winning when 8s appeared on the turn and river, giving my foe trips, when I held a queen-high flush.

I was rather pleased. Show off for my brother, pocket some cash, a good night’s work. And then I got stupid. I played another SNG, and of course I’d used up all my positive karma. I lost about $200 when I had aces and sixes, only to have one guy go all-in and another call. I watched the first guy turn over pocket sixes, making my laydown seem rather a good choice.

I was dealt QJh and raised it up. I got 3 callers at $90, and the flop came Q-7-2 with two clubs. I didn’t like those clubs, I did like my kicker, and I decided to end the hand right then and there. I went all-in, and had the player to my left go all-in too, freezing out the other player. A nine and a six filled the board, and I waited to see AQ or KQ. No, my opponent turned over Q9d. She called my all-in bet with top pair, no flush draw, and a mediocre kicker. And won. I would’ve stripped her down to $200 and built my own stack to $900. Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve.

Oh well. Up $13 for the night, not bad. Won another SNG. Had lots of fun. I promise a more interesting post tomorrow, hopefully finish my Hellmuth screed. My brother will be appearing a guest blogger in the near future, his opinions are IN NO WAY reflective of the opinions of managment. Not even close.

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