Time to take up golf

Saturday, January 3rd, 2004, 2:11 am

I’m beyond frustrated. I’m down $30 tonight, down $90 in two days. Playing $.50-$1. I could see it if I was playing goofy, playing like a moron, but the morons are absolutely killing me. I took my advice from the post below, I really tightened up with all the loons out there, and I can’t get a hand to save my life. Over two days and about 4 hours of play I’ve won 2 hands, and both pots were below $6. I haven’t had a flush in that time, and the one straight I had was beat by a full house.

It’s to the point where I can’t imagine winning a hand again. I’m going to go over my last 100 hands in PokerTracker and see what the hell I’m doing wrong. I’m so gunshy I don’t feel like I can raise, ever. No lie, I’ve been beaten with big hands like 15-20 times in a row, big hands being high straights, flushes, even full houses. And it isn’t like I’ve had the sucker straight or a 8-high flush, I’ve had big, confident hands and gotten absolutely creamed. I get lousy hole cards, when I get OK cards I can’t catch a flop, and when I do make a big hand someone backs into a monster. At this rate my poker career will be over by the weekend.

Sorry, had to vent. I’ll write something more coherent tomorrow. Oh, I think I played at my first table with noticable collusion tonight. No, I don’t blame that for my losses, though I did lose about $5 there before I decided to move on. I’ll write more tomorrow.

Hey, miracle of miracles, I just won a hand. I had AQ and caught a queen on the turn. Of course the third club showed on the river and the guy bet into me, but I called and won nine bucks. I’m only down $80 now. Hey, I’m on a streak now, one in a row. Quit while I’m still smokin’.

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