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Monday, December 22nd, 2003, 1:24 am

Played a bit during the Steeler game and lost a couple bucks. Lousy cards, won maybe one hand. Then I played a bit this evening watching the late game and the poker gods lavished giant hands upon the Geno. I had pocket kings twice, pocket queens thrice, AK suited and unsuited. And I think I lost with those monsters every time. Well, I split with AK when another guy turned over the same cards, and I went balls-to-the-wall with a guy with queens only to have him show…queens.

I did hit some nice hands, was up $12 at one point, and ended up a whole three dollars. Wowzers. I think I have to evaluate my play, maybe re-read Lee Jones’ book (been meaning too). I’m sure I’m playing way too conservatively. I pay attention to position, but I don’t think I’m playing enough hands in late position, I’m not seeing enough cheap flops. I’m playing the same under the gun as I do on the button, or at least I’m not loosening my play as my position improves.

I’m also playing cute instead of clever. I check too much and check-raise too little, not that I should be doing that every hand, but once a session would be nice. For awhile I started out playing a bit loose, check-raising and raising pre-flop, just to let the others players think I was a bit of a cowboy, and then I’d tighten up and play my game. But I find myself falling into predictable patters, and that isn’t smart poker.

But I did end up three bucks. Still up $50. Gotta get my brother on Party and start schooling him. Gotta get my house game going and start stripping cash from them. That’s what poker is all about–exploiting your nearest and dearest. Great fun.

Actually, I ripped on Phil Gordon in my last post, but I’ve read the Vegas reports on the Tiltboy site and they were absolutely hilarious. I’ll write some more about that tomorrow, but right now I gotta go to bed. Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. And we’re gonna deep fry the sucker Christmas Day.

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