Half full, or half empty

Sunday, December 14th, 2003, 4:11 am

Another absolutely brutal night. Started out well, got up about $20, and then I lost it all along with another $15. A couple of days ago I was up $65, now I’m up $10. And that $10 is from the SNG I runnered-upped in last night.

But I’m not here to moan about my terrible luck and bad beats. I’ve done that the past two days and, besides, no one really wants to hear about another player’s rough times. Well, other than the delicious schadenfreude you feel when listening to another’s misery. I mean, feel free to tell me about getting rivered over and over when I’m on a roll and Lady Luck is giving me an all-over hot oil massage. Then I’m all smiles inside while I nod sympathetically and say, “There there, there there”.

Bad beat stories are kind of like other people telling you their dreams. Is there anything more boring that having someone breathlessly tell you about the nightmare they had about showing up for their biology exam naked? No matter how bizarre the dream, no matter how talented a storyteller the dreamer may be, you can’t translate the intensity of your subconscious longings and fears to another person. Especially when the other person doesn’t really give a crap about your nightmares about flesh-eating teddy bears.

No, I’m not hear to write about my horrible run of cards. I’m writing at 3AM because I just started playing with PokerTracker and, I have to say, it’s really, really cool. The amount of information you can get from this thing is absolutely incredible. I can see why Iggy and others champion it’s usefulness. There’s just so much information this thing automatically cranks out for you…I’ll definitely spring for the $40 full version. Once I make enough playing poker to pay for it. Which might not be for a long time, the way things are going for me right now.

In the 100 hands I checked, I won 3 hands. Three. Was I playing all sorts of crazy hands? Nope, only put money in the pot 20% of the time. Actually, with the cards I was dealt that was still way too much. In 100 hands the I never had pocket pairs above 6s. I lost $34 in those 100 hands, yipe. I lost $5 playing 7-2 offsuit. I remember that hand. I had it in the big blind and the betting was checked around. The flop…

Nah, never mind. Not gonna bore you with the story. I’m gonna watch the end of Manhunter and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day.

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