Too much character

Saturday, December 13th, 2003, 7:13 pm

Came home from work and decided to play a bit. Logged onto a $1-2 by accident but decided to hang around and play tight for a bit. Lost $28 in ten minutes, all to the same guy. I only played 2 hands–I had A-10 of clubs and hit an ace on the flop. A five came on the turn, pairing with a five on the flop, and sure enough when we got to the end he turned over 5-8. Later on I had pocket 4s and made my set on the flop. I raised the bet and chased all but two players. The flop was 7-4-10. The turn was an ace, I bet and was called. The river was a six, I bet and was raised. Shit. I called and he again turned over 5-8. I couldn’t believe it. Filled an gutshot straight on the river and left me feeling gutshot.

I’ve lost $37 in about two hours of play, both from abysmal cards and from brutal beats the few times I had a hand. I know, it happens to everyone, blah blah blah. It just isn’t supposed to happen to ME goddamit.

The only bright spot in the last few days is that I came in second in a sit-n-go, more on that later. Right now I’m too pissed to write. Or play. Plus I’m hungry.

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