Tuesday, December 9th, 2003, 5:58 pm

What do professional poker players do when the get the flu? Infect the whole casino? I’ve been home coughing and sneezing and no doubt spraying virus particles like a freaking biological weapon. Feeling a bit better, but not much.

Played a little bit, ended up $12. Should’ve been way, way down, but the fish let me swim away. Some strange, strange hands. I had AK and flopped an ace. I just bet and had this guy call me. The turn and river showed garbage, and the guy ahead of me checked and then called my bets. He turns over POCKET ACES. He didn’t raise before the flop, didn’t raise after he flopped trips, didn’t raise me the rest of the way. That gave me the willies. The good willies, but the willies nonetheless.

I actually made most of my profit on one hand, I had AK and a king came on the flop. I had two callers for my raise and when a queen came on the turn the player next to me re-raised me. Two pair, perhaps? I called, and a handsome K showed up on the river. I bet, was re-raised, re-raised myself, and we capped the betting. I turned over trip kings with an ace kicker, my foe had…a queen. He went all the way to the wall knowing I had him dead if I had a king, and I’d been betting out from jump street. Odd.

Lots of odd play lately, which is why I really need to stay tight and learn the lay of the land. I start thinking K-5 is a good starting hand it’s time for a break.

Looking forward to Celebrity Poker tonight. I like The West Wing, I think it’ll be a better game than the last one. I favor Richard Schieff to win tonight. Looks like a poker player, backhanded compliment tho that may be.

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