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Monday, December 8th, 2003, 3:04 pm

If you’ve been reading my other blog–and you probably haven’t been–you know that I switched from PokerStars to PartyPoker because I’d been told by a reliable source that PartyPoker has much softer games (and far more of them) than PokerStars. I’d been playing on PS for six weeks and had a whole $2.75 to show for it, so I decided to make the move and try tossing my line into a different pond.

Well, last night went very, very, very well. I ended up $24, and I really didn’t have great cards. I flopped two open-ended straights and made both of them on the turn, and I got a lot of action on them, and those hands provided the bulk of my winnings. I played tight, played aggressive, and was pleasantly surprised to find that I got action on hands were I had by far the dominant hand. Like I had two pair, aces and 10s, and was called by a guy with 10s and 6s. I think on PokerStars that would’ve been folded, as it probably should be.

But I can’t get cocky. My first night on PokerStars I ended up $13, and I started pricing new laptops. Then I lost the next three sessions. I’m only playing $.50-1 right now, and I only have a $50 bankroll, so it isn’t like I’m ready for Vegas. But I do enjoy the game, the action, and I’m having fun. But I’m not in it just for the fun. I’m in it for the thrill of victory, (inflicting) the agony of defeat…I’m in it for the money too. Might as well show a profit, yes?

I’m also trying to get a steady home game going, every couple of weeks or so. I’ve been playing with my dad and my uncles for about 20 years, but we only play 2-3 times a year. My brother loves to play and I have a few buddies who wouldn’t mind spending a few hours with a stack of chips before them and a few beers in the offing. Maybe a little no-limit tournament at the end of the night, but mostly nickel-dime stuff to keep things convivial. Looking forward to it.

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