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Saturday, November 29th, 2008, 1:34 am

I’m back in the bad habit of starting and deleting posts–really need to cut that out. This afternoon I ventured out to the mall to check out the new L.L. Bean store and get a taste of the consumerist hysteria. I brought my camera along to take a few shots at sunset at a choice location. I drove to my spot, parked, found a place where I wouldn’t get clobbered by oncoming traffic, framed the shot in the viewfinder…snap! I check the LCD screen, the photo is there…along with a message that reads “No CF Card”.

Yeah, I forgot to load the card in the damn camera. And I just grabbed the camera and headed out the door without all my other gear. Brilliant. I removed the card last night to upload some pics from Thanksgiving, mostly of my nephew Justin:

Aww isn’t he adorable blah blah blah.

An amusing Thanksgiving story, or you’ll think it’s amusing. I showed up a bit late and everyone was in the living room talking. I toss my jacket aside and see a bowl of cheese dip sitting on the coffee table. I hadn’t eaten breakfast and a nibble would prime the pump, so to speak. I grabbed a cracker, scooped up a big dollop of cheese, and popped the morsel in my mouth.

You know the sound of fingernails scraping across a chalkboard? I had that sensation in my mouth. Here’s a transcript of my central nervous system’s log:

“Tongue to brain, we are transmitting cheesy taste…now.”
“Brain to tongue, uhh, you’re transmitting WHAT?”
“Tongue to brain, you should be receiving spicy cheese on cracker”
“Brain to tongue, that ain’t what we’re getting. You wanna fricking double-check your goddam reading on that shit?”
“Uhh…Uhh…tongue to brain…what the hell IS this stuff?”
“Brain to tongue, it’s your goddam job to figure that out”
“This is the stomach, figure this shit out later! Eject, eject!!”

I thought I was eating cheese dip on a cracker. It turned out I was eating some kind of pumpkin dip on a cinnamon cookie. I was caught completely flat-footed; my eyes bugged out and I made a noise like “MMMPHFFF”. Let’s just say that Justin wasn’t the only Bromberg who spit out his food that day. Deeesgusting.

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